Adam Patterson

Wed 24 Jul '19 - Pirate Bay

WPB Zine Club: Paper Empathy

creating horizontal structures through zines
Throughout its history, zine making, as part of DIY culture, has been all about spreading alternative to the mainstream information, with a preference to horizontal, collaborative ethics. This time, hosts a special version of Zine Club: we won’t just be creating zines but also discussing how to practice an empathic, playful and non-authoritative way of doing things – zines, art, and life.
In a combination of lectures, exercises, and arts & crafts, we will explore and create alternatives:
How to build each other up, based on trust of our capabilities, instead of placing responsibility on an external authority?
How to gather knowledge, to create games and strategies in order to face the world?
How can our relationship to intimacy, eroticism, possibility, and play bring forth change?
Come join us: we will use leftover bits and pieces of old pornography, fruit placed on the copier to create collages and we will leave smelling of incense.
What to expect:
– zine making
Adam Patterson , visual artist and writer, gives a lecture on the qualities of resourcefulness, contamination/mutation, and intimacy in carnival rites, and how these may relate to the spirit of zine making
Tarik Speelman , artist, zinester and dancer, reads from his work
Iris van Wijk , artist and event organiser, hosts the event and shares her practice of wonderfully, delightfully, cuddly, awkwardly relaxing relaxation exercises.
– A discussion about ways to implement empathic, non-authoritarian practices in everyday life.
This Zine Club version is imagined by artists Iris van Wijk, Adam Patterson and Tarik Speelman under a common wish:
WORM Pirate Bay Zine Club is a place different from the rest of the world, and this is why people are attracted to it.
This is a wish: To be filled up, re-charged and give back in return. A meaningful strategy, that makes the regime of the day go away for a bit. But once things are done, what happens next?
The relationship that people have with the world is a fragile one. Societal rules grind gears to the bone. Even if you don’t believe in any of these rules, you are still forced to experience their consequences. They keep everything at bay. This is a safety zone, for which people are willing to pay great amounts to maintain: a zone that makes the body bite-size, and easier to swallow. We are all more than willing to maintain the status quo, especially at the cost of others. How can we break, contest those rules? How can we cause less harm? We dare you to join us.
**Free entrance**
– artwork featured in banner by Iris van Wijk