Fri 12 Jun '20 - Art / expo

WORM Open City Live: IMACO – 1 – Marta Wörner

The Imaginary Art Collective: The Art of Letting Go

Part 1: “Decluttering”

Decluttering could be an art form. We often clean up our mental and physical spaces to find new inspiration, freedom and calm. And in a time of isolation, many of us are surrounded by nothing but the objects we own.

Maybe it’s time to ask: what do these items mean to us?

And what stuff do we choose to keep, or let go?

WORM formed IMACO (The Imaginary Art Collective) to reflect on this topic.

And in our performance space UBIK, a performative estafette (relay race) is taking place.

The artists involved in this relay couldn’t make physical contact, but they could pass on objects to one another. Each artist brings an object, gives a final performance to it, to “say goodbye” and leaves it to the following artist to adopt. The performer becomes the body between the objects.

Each Friday – beginning 12th June – we will release one video performance from the IMACO series. As an audience, you will not see the object until the video performances begin. They will be released via and WORM’s Instagram.

Each performance will be accompanied by an interview explaining the artist’s rationale around the exchange.

ARTIST PERFORMANCE #1: Marta Wörner – ‘Red Bra’.  

Marta Wörner is a choreographer, dance researcher and pedagogue based in Rotterdam.

She presented her first independent choreographic work “Suerte que mis pechos sean pequeños-Shakira” at the age of 11 in the sports hall of her public school, Gabriel García Márquez (Madrid). The piece won a prize; in the form of a fresh rose, from her uncle Juan. Since then, she has been wondering how to activate philosophical knowledge from the observation and experience of the kinetics of the body. She aims to create vocabularies from this practice that lead to a transdisciplinary language.

Her creations have been shown at the Fringe Festival of Madrid and Edinburgh, Cinedans Festival (Amsterdam), The Boulevard Theatre Festival (Den Bosch), The ADM circus festival (Amsterdam) and WORM (Rotterdam).

An interview with Marta, based around the specifics of this project, will follow shortly.

If you like this series, you can send a donation while you’re watching. WORM is committed to donating as much as it can to the artists involved Here is the link.