Still From Juck

Nguyen + Transitory (photo by Fhatha.k)

Kiki House Of Angels

Vrouwen in kunst en cultuur zwaar ondervertegenwoordigd

Slechts 13% (!) van de tentoongestelde werken in Nederlandse musea zijn door vrouwen gemaakt. Helaas houdt het daar niet mee op. Mama Cash ging op pad met drie feministen die een rol spelen in het programma van het Feminist Festival. Zij maken je duidelijk hoe het nou echt zit met de vertegenwoordiging van vrouwen in de Nederlandse kunst en cultuur. Kom naar het Mama Cash Feminist Festival op 8 maart, Internationale Vrouwendag, en zie dat het ook anders kan! Meer informatie en kaartjes:, camera en montage: Xena Maria EversAnaloge camera: Nikki SchuurmanGeluid: Meghan van der Meer

Geplaatst door Mama Cash op Maandag 11 februari 2019

Video by Xena Maria Evers / Ass: Nikki Schuurman / Sound: Meghan van der Meer
WORM Central Station, #Wunderbar Foyer, The Pirate Bay, UBIK Space, WORM CS Lage Zaal, WORM CS Film Zaal, BAR café, BAR foyer, BAR zaal
Boomgaardsstraat 71
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Fri 8 Mar '19 - Festival

RE#SISTER and Mama Cash Present: Feminist Festival 2019

Bodies Of Knowledge
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A varied, powerful and colourful evening with short talks, long talks, film, electronic music, activist art, feminist poetry, pizza and cigars. All this eventually culminating in the spectacular Bodies of Knowledge Kiki Function: A Vogueing Ball and Queer Party. Featuring: Marije de Wit, Aay Liparoto, Tara Transitory & Nguyen Baly, Olave Talks XL, The WORM Pirate Bay Zine Club, The Short Dance Film Juck, the Kiki House of Angels, and the Kiki House of Major.

This edition centers around the theme: Bodies of Knowledge. A term that refers to the core teachings and skills required to work in a particular field or industry. But we also highlight the physical meaning: What do bodies communicate, what does a body represent? Every body needs space. But is every body allowed to take up space?

Several people will shine their light on these questions. Marije de Wit for instance, who has made it her mission to do something about the absence of many female poets in the ranks of famous writers. Or Aay Liparoto, who has started a project called Not Found On, trying to work around the on-line knowledge monopolies. Tara Transitory and Nguyen Baly create an electronic sound system controlled by bodies touching.

Reclaim bodies of knowledge! Reclaim the stage! Let’s block the way eating pizza and smoking cigars! Let’s print our own poetry book, let’s dance and make noise! We feel feminist and queer action is needed and we welcome you, whatever you are, to think, talk and act with us.


Juck is sex. Juck is energy. Juck is protest. Juck is therapy. Juck is action. Juck is dominance. Juck is provocation. Juck is tolerance. Juck is movement. Juck is fantasy. Juck is arousal. Juck is utopia. Juck is seeing one’s self, even if it’s tough. Juck is not apologizing for existing.

Juck is a Swedish word and means “thrust”. As a dance group they challenge traditional conventions and the relationship between performer and audience. Central to the search is exploring and widening the notions of femininity and gender.

The film Juck swings between documentary, dance and fiction and was made by Ulrika Bandeira, Julia Gumpert and Olivia Kastebring.

Bird Bird, Touch Touch, Sing Sing – (work-in-progress / Rotterdam Iteration)

Sound and performance artists Nguyễn + Transitory (Nguyễn Baly and Tara Transitory) together with 2 other local performers will be presenting an immersive site-specific performance, exploring Southeast Asian and diasporic queer existences+histories as well as (de)colonial approaches to sound, synthesis, noise and rhythm. “Bird Bird, Touch Touch, Sing Sing” celebrates inter-dependency, vulnerability, closeness, disorientation, and trust, as forms of collective decolonial resistance.
A quiet coup attempting to displace the structural imbalances, to disorientate geographies, and to find space for silenced narratives. In this work, the performers attempt to create another reality – through touching, proximity, and movements, that is not pre-choreographed but created in the moment by the circumstances within the process of creating the sound and by the movements of the performers+audience becoming a collective body.

Bird Bird, Touch Touch, Sing Sing will be built in WORM’s UBIK space in the week before this event. A residency visit/artist talk is planned for 7th March, more info to follow!

Bodies of Knowledge Kiki Function

The Kiki house of Angels and Kiki house of Major have teamed up to present the Bodies of Knowledge Kiki Function, an event that honors queer and trans icons of the past and present, serves you fresh categories that celebrate a full spectrum of bodies and gender expressions.

Founded by black and brown queer and trans folks in New York, the ballroom scene has always been a place where LGBTQ people could find community, celebrate each other, and be their fiercest selves.

Come kiki with cat boys and lion babes, luscious goddesses and dream boys, butches and fems, drag royalty, and everyone in between.

A collaboration of WORM (RE#SISTER, Pirate Bay and UBIK), New Emergences and Mama Cash.

NB: for a few euros more you can get a combi-ticket to the Queer Performance Art event curated by Anthony Hüseyin on Tuesday 5th of March in WORM.