Thu 27 Dec '18 - Talk

Wildstyle Presents: Education & Bass

Workshops by Nomine

Wildstyle is proud to present to you Education & Bass on tour!

Nomine will give an evening workshop for a lucky few of you.

Education & Bass, the brainchild of producer Nomine aka Outrage (Tempa, Metalheadz, Rinse FM), took shape during the summer of 2016 and within a handful of months had been physically taken to many audiences across Europe and America, to both clubs and education establishments, whilst receiving a large online audience worldwide.

Education & Bass combines music and arts education with live performances. Workshops, seminars, guest lecturers, Q&A and no rules electronic music are the foundation of this unique concept. As a no rules concept (comprising of all genres of electronic music), Education & Bass thrives on sharing production techniques, advice and guidance on industry practices and performance, contextualising music history and culture, and building a community of like-minded individuals as a forum for discussion on all aspects of music.

So whether you are a beginning producer or a veteran, this will surely be an interesting opportunity to share your ideas and interact with like-minded people.

Tickets will be on sale in a limited capacity. Tickets for the workshop also guarantee entrance to the night event, which Nomine will be headlining, supported by your favorite Wildstyle residents.

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