Fri 31 May '19 - Art / expo

When is a Door Not a Door? Anastasia Shin

A solo exhibition at WORM S/ash Gallery

When is a Door Not a Door?

So called ‘semantic characters’
Began appearing in strange contexts

(Falling from skyscrapers?)

Robust shapes,
Waterproof surfaces,
Edged in rusting-flambéed-steel.

(Awaiting new-use and communal habit?)

These cursive shapes were lying in paddy fields
Stretched over alleyways
And blocking traffic.

Dispersed and fragmented
But still monumental,
They lay open
In silent refrain

Join us on Thursday, May 30th for a solo presentation of new work by Anastasia
Shin. ‘When is a Door not a Door?’, is an exhibition of sculpture, image and installation which studies and pronounces the conditions in which meaning is made and accessed.

Shin’s interdisciplinary practice investigates human behaviour and perception. Often tracing a specific word or object through time; she looks to tools, furniture or equipment to see how human behaviour and thought processes might be materially reflected. In this exhibition language is the tool in question.

Informed by the artist’s broader practice which engages with art as a form of knowledge production and poetry as a place for excess signification, while developing this work Shin began a language course: ‘Learning Mandarin through Poetry’. Refusing to abide by singular language grammars and rigid structures of meaning-making, Shin favours the detour; communicating in poetic and allusive forms. In her practice she tries to ‘invite in’ the live, flexible, vibrant semiotic possibilities, which may in-turn, encourage us to move beyond the tools of discernment we already use, and beyond existing cultural-linguistic limits.

Anastasia Shin (b.1987 London) is an artist and writer. She studied at Goldsmiths, BA Art Practice before participating in the 12-month postgraduate course ‘School of the Damned’ and completing her MFA at the Piet Zwart Institute in 2018. Her first solo show in the Netherlands, ‘Assume Every Rustle in the Grass is a Tiger’ took place in Amsterdam this spring and recent group shows include, ‘Self-Care while Smoking’ at Clog, Turin, ‘SNAKE HORSE GOAT MONKEY’ at Guest Projects, London, ‘T H IS I S A LL U R E’ at Wolfart Project Space, Rotterdam and ‘Power Nap’ at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. She also co-edits the online publication project ‘Rotterdam Art Writing’. Follow Anastasia Shin on Instagram:


This evening is connected to The Performance Bar, therefore there is an entrance fee which gives visitors access to the exhibition as well as to the programme of The Performance Bar.
Entrance: 2 euro between 21.00 and 22.00 / 5 euro after 22.00