Fri 20 Apr '18 - Art / expo

Wheelie Parade!

Wheelie skills and nightshop services in Slash!

WORM & Motel Mozaique Festival will host the 2nd edition of the Wheelie Parade by artist Philippa Driest.

The Wheelie Parade celebrates the city by illuminating the unconventional behaviour of its citizens. The participants will be judged by a jury who will use a complex rating system, based on originality and technique. The winner will go home with a cash prize and a trophy!

Young artist Philippa Driest investiges the effect of urban design on people’s behaviour. And here, the primary focuses of her fascination are social housing and the city’s remaining “free spaces”. Currently she is part of the research project ‘The Temporary Autonomous Bureau’ hosted by the Rotterdam Cultural Histories #13 in Tent, Rotterdam. (More info: /