Tue 28 Nov '17 - Concert

Vanishing (UK) + Sterk Water (NL)

Experimental Wave

Vanishing (UK)
Vanishing is the new album by Gareth Smith. Born from the Islington Mill Arts Studios and featuring collaborations and contributions by members of Gnod, LoneLady and an array of other experimental musicians, it is the sound of blunted beats, stripped electronics and flares of melody, which coruscate around a deep emotional centre; words, that address a world, shifting, breaking, Vanishing.

Sterk Water (NL)
Sterk Water is a duo based in The Hague, NL. Over the past two years, they have released four EPs of neurotic post-punk sounds as well as three weird covers of the famous Dutch crooner Wim Sonneveld. Expect repetitive minimalism, Dutch lyrics, early 80s electronica and lo-fi minimal wave.