Full Side Programme Cafe Disorient
Café Disorient: Razzle Dazzle Edition

Program – البرنامج – programma

Exhibition – المعرض – Expositie
WORM – S/ash Gallery
8/11- 30/11 2019

Opening – الافتتاح– Opening
Café Disorient: Razzle Dazzle Edition
WORM Slash Gallery

Concert – الحفل – Concert
Nawa Ensemble & Stryder
tickets € 7 Door, € 6 Presale, € 5 Students

Film screening – عرض فيلم – Filmvertoning
Valentino’s Ghost – Why We Hate Arabs And Muslims
19:00: Exhibition tour guided by the artist
19:30 Screening
21:45: Q&A with director Michael Singh via Skype

Zine Making – صنع مجلة- Zine Avond
Zine Club X Café Disorient
WORM Foyer

Finissage – الاختتام- Afsluiting
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Mon 18 Nov '19 - Film

Valentino’s Ghost: Cafe Disorient Screening

Including exhibition tour and Q & A with director Michael Singh

On the occasion of the current exhibition Cafe Disorient: Razzle Dazzle Edition, exhibiting artist Susanne Khalil Yusef is teaming up with WORM Pirate Bay programming an exciting film evening featuring Valentino’s Ghost! 

Valentino’s Ghost – Why We Hate Arabs And Muslims
Michael Singh, 2012, 95min, USA
Narrated by Mike Farrell, the documentary film Valentino’s Ghost exposes the way America’s foreign policy agenda in the Middle East influences Hollywood and mainstream corporate media portrayals of Arabs and Muslims. Premiering at the Venice Film Festival, Italy, to a standing ovation, Valentino’s Ghost tracks the transition from the Arab as Romantic Hero to the Arab today as the embodiment of evil.

Why do supremely talented artists and intellectuals in America consider it perfectly “realistic” to depict Arabs and Muslims in a fashion that would be described as bigoted, if applied to blacks, Jews, gays, Native Americans, et al?

The 100-minute film features fresh, riveting and often stunning perspectives from the legendary late American writer Gore Vidal; John Mearsheimer, author of “The Israel Lobby”,celebrated British war correspondent Robert Fisk, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Anthony Shadid, Harvard and Oxford historian Niall Ferguson, historian Melani McAlister, TV star Tony Shalhoub, media expert Jack Shaheen, and Hollywood writer Alan Sharp.


19:00-19:15 Guided exhibition tour Cafe Disorient: Razzle Dazzel edition WORM S/ash Gallery. Guide the artist herself: Susanne Khalil Yusef

19:15 Doors open WORM Cinema

19:30 Screening Valentino’s Ghost – Why We Hate Arabs And Muslims

21:45 Q & A with film director Michael Singh