Fri 16 Nov '18 - Theatre

UBIK slowtime to showtime: Mette Sterre Black Hole performance

The Black Hole Empire!

After some London years of researching black holes at the Digital Learning Lab, A residency at The Curacao Center for Contemporary Art and one month before diving into the world of Rijksacademie, performance artist Mette Sterre parks her spaceship in WORM’s UBIK, collects a group of local performers, invites chroeographer Olivia Norris and recreates The Black Hole Empire!

After almost 100 years of Einsteins prediction of Black Holes in the Universe, LIGO (the biggest ruler in the world) picked up the gravitational waves of two black holes colliding, turning their existence from fiction into facts. This Research project looked at Black Holes as a design model to create costumes and performances using digital technology such as 3d printing, 3d modelling software, 3d photogrammetry, Arduino and conductive rubbers. The choreography was developed in collaboration with Aline Derderian and Olivia Norris. Music was composed by Matthijs van Wageningen. The performance premiered at London College of Fashion at Arcade East as part of London Design Week, and has been performed at the “10th anniversary of David Roberts Art Foundation an evening of performances” at the legendary Club Koko in Camden.

Currently the project is under development into a short film in collaboration with Joe Campbell and Oscar Oldershaw as well as a longer performance in the UBIK Theater in Worm Rotterdam for november 2018.
This 9 months project has been generously supported by Stichting Stokroos and CBK Rotterdam (Centre of Visual Arts Rotterdam), Fashion Space Gallery and London College of Fashion. Special Thanks to Dr. Daniela Huppenkothen and Dr. Boris Leistedt, from New York University, who helped with the scientific specifics of the behaviour of Black Holes. Pictures by Luxxxer, Nesreen Salem and film by Oscar Oldershaw and Joseph Campbell