UBIK Performance Night – Catharsis

an unconventional healing journey
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 19:00
End → 20:00

Join us on a cathartic night filled with emotions as we bond through performance art as a means of expression, purgation, release, and relief, with acts presented by Florian Borstlap, Nataly Wood, Sarah Prescimone, and Larysa Bauge.

Florian Borstlap
His artistic approach is binary: one side embraces the absurd and experimental, rooted in intuition, while the other delves into introspection and intricate detail, guided by analysis. Both facets prioritise collaboration and interaction. His aim is to deconstruct and analyse social structures, striving to co-create performances and interactions that are both awkward and fulfilling, exploring a deep connection to life.
Throughout his work, he prioritises experimentation and improvisation, pushing the boundaries of human behaviour and aesthetics while embracing the power of irony. His ultimate goals are to inspire others through playful and sometimes provocative interactions, breaking ingrained patterns, celebrating the complexity of life, and fostering wonder and engagement within the community.

Sarah Prescimone
Schmerz is a solo act in which choreographer and performer Sarah Prescimone explores the depths and layers of emotional and physical pain. As she depicts both her ancestral and individual trauma, she creates a body map of pain that navigates her through various manifestations of suffering.
Within the physical body she rediscovers scars, carnal notes and tones that contribute to its story. In the dynamic alternation of tension and relaxation, she wants to finally be able to bring about clarity and relief.

Larysa Bauge
Performance artist raised in Belarus and currently based in Amsterdam.

She was trained as a musician from an early age, performed as an ensemble conductor, composed scores for films, and worked as a DJ.
At the age of 19 she runs off from Belarussian dictatorship to Spain with 1 suitcase. There she lives a life of an illegal immigrant while studying conducting of an orchestra and composition at CSMM in Malaga.
Ending up disappointed by the classical music world and particularly misogynistic character of conducting of the orchestra faculty, she turns to performance art and obtains her master degree at TIME (music and theatre) department at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague.
Bauge’s work is shown internationally in museums, art spaces and festivals including: Venice International Performance Week, Oslo Performance Art Festival, Riga Performance Art Festival Starptelpa, New Delhi Contemporary, Istanbul Performance Art and Experimental Actiom Houston among others.

Artist statement:
Ultimately my work challenges the very nature of the concept of belonging, roots, the necessity of being part of something bigger, a family, a tribe, a community. Strongly influenced by socially engaged and feminist art, I work directly with the context. Much like an anthropologist I gather field data. The material comes from observations of the self vs the community during acts like collective music making, embodied practices. Themes of motherhood and caregiving became especially pronounced in my work. I am particularly interested in the relationship between socially constructed ideals and the lived experience.

Nataly Wood
Nataly was always the shy one, until she discovered theatre and started taking lessons at an early age, after that there was no turning back. Since then, she has investigated and engaged with theatre, visual, and performing arts as a means of fostering social skills, and bringing people together through ‘intense interaction’. She believes that art has the power to transform lives, and is dedicated to sharing that transformative experience with as many people as possible.