Sun 4 Feb '18 - Film


A screening event in conjunction with HOST, with artists films from the great beyond

A screening event in conjunction with HOST, with artists’ films from the great beyond.

Presented by: Basje Boer

On February 4, MAMA presents a smörgåsbord of artists’ films injected into our rational world from realities parallel and beyond. Artists Jaakko Pallasvuo & Anni Puolakka and Tarwuk invite us into their fantastical headscapes where out-of-body experiences meet expeditions deep into the cavities of bodies. Flesh, blood, pixels, bits & glitches, LARP, RPG, and 80’s and 90’s cartoon series mix with bold soundtracks, in an attempt to reconcile technology and the body. Curiously, motifs such as the news broadcast and the documentary resurface time and again as a way of dealing with the impending apocalypse.
Includes work by Peter Burr, Jeremy Coulliard, Ville Kallio and many others.

Contains violent imagery.

The evening is introduced and presented by Basje Boer, film critic and novelist, who publishes for De Groene Amsterdammer, Filmkrant, Das Magazin en De Gids among many other titles. Her debut novel Bermuda came out in May 2016, her new novel will appear in 2018.