Sun 8 Oct '17 - Concert


Eclectic sounds from Belgium and Scandinavia

Tsembla (FIN)
Tsembla is Marja Ahti, a Swedish-Finnish artist who uses a wide range of instruments, electronics, objects and manipulated samples. Her latest work, ‘Nouskaa Henget’ is edited by New Images, Matt Mondanile’s label. Tsembla’s music revolves around twisted melodies, abstract voices and mutant textures reminiscent of Raymond Scott’s electronic work.

Antwerp’s David Edren has been steadily releasing work under the moniker DSR Lines for around twenty years. Starting off with programmed music, Edren slowly evolved towards analogue synth improvisations. His use of the classic ARP 2500 and Buchla 200 has had a profound influence on his overall sound, performing calm rhythmic structures and ambient soundfields.