Tue 14 May '19 - Performance

Trashy Sound Poetry Workshop

One man's trash is another man's pleasure !

Can your trash be turned into poetry? Does that make it “trash”-poetry? How do we decide what is worth of archiving, preserving, and what to discard? If we change medium, what we think is useless, outdated, or contaminated information turns into artwork.

In this workshop, participants are invited to dive into the loop <trash-text-music-artwork> and experiment endlessly. They will look for sounds corresponding to the words and letters using the most mundane of materials, trash, through the process of sonification (mapping text into sound). Texts found in WORM Pirate Bay’s archive or… simply in the trash bin will be turned into unique sound-poetry!

We will discover new approaches to language, sounds, and objects while taking a close look at what one decides to throw away and preserve.

The workshop is for anyone interested in the fields of poetry, sound art, experimental music, and conceptual art. No previous experience is required.

Facilitator: Olli Aarni

Maximum number of participants: 12
(registration at wormpiratebay@gmail.com)

Duration: 2 h 30 min

Participation: Free


Meet Olli Aarni.


Olli (Oulou, Finland) makes experimental electronic music with vivid timbres and textures, static and slippery harmonies. He has released more than 20 records in four continents with labels like Aguirre, Flau and Lal Lal Lal. Olli has played in various European countries and Japan on events such as Flow Festival (Helsinki, Finland), Jauna Muzika (Vilnius, Lithuania) and The Gathering of Trans-Medial Publishers (Antwerpen, Belgium).

Olli holds an MA in Finnish Linguistics and has shared his expertise on using different languages in the context of experimental music at Berlin’s CTM Festival in 2016. In particular, combining his passion for linguistics and music, he has created a sound poetry piece, consisting of the Finnish sound alphabet, and two sound poems created with this alphabet.

His records display his varied interests and experimentations: Kehä, notably, consists of sounds created solely by feedback (the signal is allowed to rotate over a predetermined route over and over again).

The Trashy Sound-Poetry workshop is conducted during Olli’s residency at WORM’s Sound Studio.