Fri 14 Dec '18 - Art / expo

De Rotori’s will take over UBIK

come play in UBIK with Rotterdam's most colorful tribe

For 4 days De Rotori’s will take over UBIK with art, music, talks, workshops and get-togethers.

Advertisements, traditions, (imposed) duties, social pressure and a constant stream of media. Every day, we’re being told how to act, what to wear and who we should be.
Perfection is the norm and its getting harder to decide what is good for ourselves.

For this reason a colorful tribe, called de Rotoris, gathered to look for their roots. What does it mean to be human?
By following the stars of dreams and sailing the ships of hard work, they found something long forgotten: the Four Elements, our cornerstones, hidden in plain sight.
In Water, they found the source of life, and a desire to discover what’s beyond.
In Fire, they found the spark to relight their passion, and a wish to observe the spectacular.
In Earth, they found love for what was given to them by the planet, and all its inhabitants.
In Air, they found space to breathe, and reflect.
With these insights, the tribe created an island in UBIK.
They named their little island Toca, made for people like you and me, who need an environment to explore passions, connect with like-minded people and push boundaries!

De Rotoris invite you to Toca, a place to experience, express and discuss topics that are important to you.
With a varied interactive program, we offer you new experiences, deeper interpersonal connections and meaningful self-development.

Tickets info
At the door: Wo 5 Euro Do 7 Euro / Fri-Sa 10 Euro
Online: Passe-partout ticket 16 Euro