Fri 19 Jan '18 - Rehearsal / Residency

Tizo All – Laboratory


Join us in the Avantgardistic State for a Movement laboratory workshop/class titled Crossing. A laboratory where we will hopefully make loving and lasting connections with each other.

Tizo All will be artist in residence for 10 days in January. During this time Tizo will lead a body awareness class that allows the body and mind to access ways of expression and creativity.

Every day of the Laboratory is as it meant to be; an experiment – experiencing art as a gesture and following urges to express individuality.

The laboratory is open to everyone who wants to learn and challenge himself. Don’t be afraid to fail; there is no right or wrong. Professionals and non-professionals are invited to join. We are striving to gather a group of people with different backgrounds. The laboratory is designed to increase usage of the body in art experiences, and to awake awareness and consciousness through movement and dance.

The laboratory will take place in WORM UBIK (Boomgaardsstraat 69, Rotterdam) from the 15th until the 24th of January. The times of the laboratory will be determined according to the participants’ availability.

About money: we have devised a system that we hope is fair to everyone. You can buy a ‘ticket’ in three different price ranges – 50/80/120 euros. There is no difference between the tickets. Each person simply contributes according to their financial capabilities.

There is maximum of 15 participants. We already have 5 participants so don’t wait too long.

If you have any questions about this Laboratory you can contact Tizo All personally or send an email to This happening is endorsed by The Performance Bar.

The location of the public intervention will be determined during the Laboratory.

Between 15th and 20th January the group is going to meet at WORM UBIK to do a research in body movement and build up a choreography.
From 20th until 23th the groups is going to meet up in the streets of Rotterdam create a spot to tryout the experiments done indoors.