Sun 28 Jan '18 - Film


Piet Zwart Institute meets Royal College of Art

THEIA: Film/video Screening from students at the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam) and Royal College of Art (London)

Date of screening: Sunday 28th January 6-9pm

THEIA: is the planet that collided with the Earth (Gaia) and created the moon.
THEIA is also a Showcase for film and video work by current Masters students from Royal College of Art (London) and the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam).

Facilitated by: Emma Finn, Anastasia Shin, Bobby Sayers, Len Murusalu and Ralph Pritchard.

After an open call to both schools master programmes, including Master of Fine Arts, Lens based media, Interior Architecture, Arts Education and Moving image. The facilitating group from the RCA selected 5 films by students at PZI and vice versa.

Contributions will be showcased on an online channel. And a public screening will take place in Rotterdam on the 28th of January, at WORM during the International Film Festival Rotterdam.