Thu 25 Oct '18 - Art / expo

The Slash Department invites The WORM Pirate Bay

experiments for avant-gardistic recreation

Everyone knows The Pirate Bay; a website that indexes torrent files. It is a brand that is not accepted, and because of that, we borrowed the name for our own purposes. Our version of The Pirate Bay consists out of WORM’s collection of the most avant-garde books, records, CDs, movies and gadgets; an archive that has been built up over the years.

For this edition of the S/ash Department we actively use to create an evening that reflects on the material in our archive. We invite members from the WORM family and Re#sister to dive into The WPB to be fueled by our eclectic collection of avant-garde media. The outcome promises an evening filled with performances, video work, zines, music, improv dance and so much more.


Storni & Suy Bio are an electric guitar & double bass duo. Inspired by The WPB they will play free-improvised music influenced by punk, jazz, atonal modern classical and noise.

WPB ZINE CLUB (ONLINE CLUB) will showcase a wide selection of zines collected in The WPB throughout the years. Next to that they will provide some special zines for you to purchase.

Tarik Speelman wants to dance; ‘I will use my HTGR movie (a split-screen mash-up from 10 different movies from The WPB archive) as a base and build a soundtrack from it to use for my dance performance!’

More acts will be announced soon!

Every second and last Thursday of the month, The Slash Department serves drinks, artists, performances and material from WORM’s avantgarde archive. An evening to get inspired, make friends, hang out, discover, get nerdy, associate till late. The threshold is low, the damage is 3 euros.