Sun 14 Apr '19 - Concert

The Flying Luttenbachers (US) + Chupame El Dedo (CO)

A no wave / punk jazz / brutal prog / tropicalia molotov cocktail

A super Sunday double bill featuring the legendary no wave / punk jazz brutalists The flying Luttenbachers, and the Colombian Tropicália-gone-haywire duo Chúpame El Dedo (Los Pirañas, Meridian Bros, Romperayo members). The Luttenbachers were sadly missing in the WORM live music programme when bands like Lightning Bolt, Wolf Eyes, Bobby Conn, James Chance & The Contortions, XBXRX, Deerhoof, Gorge Trio, Ruins, Zach Hill, Sightings, etc. all played here in the 2000s. These were pivotal artists who were associated with the Luttenbachers, and made their own mark on the intersection of noise rock, no wave, free jazz, prog, metal and punk. So the arrival of the Luttenbachers isn’t overdue. On the contrary; in these times of weak-ass Rock pretenders they are all the more essential.

The Flying Luttenbachers (US)
Between 1991 and 2007, the seminal no wave / punk jazz / brutal prog band The Flying Luttenbachers steadily deconstructed music and reality over 16 different releases and through more than 400 performances around the world. The band was put on hold but in the interim, leader and composer, Weasel Walter shifted his expansive energies into the world of free improv, recording dozens of albums and playing with hundreds of internationally known musicians, as well as touring the planet with Lydia Lunch, Cellular Chaos, XBXRX, Behold The Arctopus and many others. In 2017, The Flying Luttenbachers reformed for a week long tour of France, performing an hour long set of classic material from the entire catalogue. Now, in 2019, the band is back with a new lineup, new music and a new full-length album out this spring on ugEXPLODE Records. The latest incarnation of the band is based in New York City and features Tim Dahl (Child Abuse, Ava Mendoza’s Unnatural Ways, GRID) on bass guitar, Matt Nelson (GRID, Elder Ones, etc.) on tenor saxophone, Brandon Seabrook on guitar and Weasel Walter on drums. For the current EU tour, Seabrook is replaced by UK guitar strangler Alex Ward, who cut his teeth playing as a teen with legendary improviser Derek Bailey.


Chupame El Dedo (CO | Meridian brothers, Los Pirañas, Romperayo)
Although Chúpame El Dedo (Suck My Finger) is “just two guys” from Bogota, Colombia, they are perhaps the two most forward-thinking individuals of the entire Colombian music scene; Eblis Álvarez (of Meridian Brothers, Los Pirañas, Frente Cumbiero) and Pedro Ojeda (of Romperayo, Los Pirañas, Frente Cumbiero, Ondatrópica). Their daring, surreal blend of music marries disorientating extreme music influences with manic salsa, cumbia, currulao & reggaeton rhythms. Try to headbang while not spilling that mojito you’re holding.

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