Fri 21 Apr '17 - Art / expo


The biggest PARA Tech FAIR of Holland!

Spirituality meets Technology

+20 stand, free readings, tech-healing sessions, special sinbox, free wifi, algorithmic predictions, digital dharma, unlimited mantras, datamindfulenes, super situated suerstition by 26 tech-nosts & technopagans.

Enrich + Balance your ON AND OFFLINE life-lines. What is occult for the eye is not occult for the mind. Chakras function like receivers on different wave-lenghts. Get paranormal in the Avantgardistic State.

Contributing artists: Roos Groothuizen, Derk Over, Mary Ponemoreva, Steffi Luchtenburg, Anastasia Kubrak, Ruben Baart, Next Nature, Stëfan Schäfer and Dr. Emily West, Pinar & Viola, Chronicles of Solemon, Jakob Schlötter, Willem Stapel, Paul Boelens, Gui Machiavelli, Elsemarijn Bruys, Isa van Weert, Floris van Driel, Loui Meeuwissen, Unicore + Mona Lisas, Vicky de Visser, Loes Claessens, Ymer Marinus, Cyanne van den Houten and TELEMAGIC.

Compiled by: Ymer Marinus + Cyanne van den Houten
Live on air in 300 metres pirate-radio by TELE.FM (EMP.FM).

Blackhole // TELESHOPPING // THE FAIR 21:30 / 12:00
PARA ABNORMAL Tech FAIR with products and prototypes for objects, services and interfaces to stimulate a discourse of behavior and consciousness in Cyberspace. From Smart-homes systems for long distance relationships to prophetic predictions on your online behavior.

Slash Gallery // TELESHOPPING // THE NIGHTSHOP 21:00 / 02:00 Improve Relationships
$UPER $EXY Nightshop sells products to strengthen the relation of the lifecycle of the human by TECH like a manual for digital death + sextoys for the new sexual revolution. $ENSUAL HEALING!

UBIK – Performancebar // THE ORACLE // 4K-ASTING
21:00 / 02:00 Harmony – Balance
Special Suprise 00:00
The Oracle pulses, breathes, predicts and generates THE future. Like occult technologies, the oracle processed groupthink as poetry, converting nonsense into sense. The Oracle reflects upon your data realm.

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