Wed 11 Oct '17 - Art / expo

TELEMAGIC 1 Euro Cinema

Oracle showing videoworks by 20+ artists

The 1 Euro Cinema is a cinematic oracle curated by TELEMAGIC showing video works made by over 30 artists questioning The Tele-Magic8Ball. The installation randomly screens a movie if you insert a 1 euro coin.

“The 1 Euro Cinema reaches into the future, to find the answers to your questions. It knows what will be, and is willing to share this with you.”

Contributions from: Anastasia Kubrak, Andy G. Vidal, Biyi Zhu, Carole Cicciu, Cyanne van den Houten, Derk Over, Elsemarijn Bruys, Floris van Driel, Heleen Mineur, Jeroen Exterkate, Jordy Ringeling, Juliette Lizotte, Kateryna Gaidamaka, Kevin Bray, Lien van Leemput, Lotte Hardeman, Loui Meeuwissen, Manus Nijhoff, Mary Ponemerova, Minhong Yu, Nazanin Karimi, Noviki Studio, Roos Groothuizen, Ruben Baart, Stefan Schäfer, Steffi Luchtenberg, TeYosh, Thomas Birsak, Valerie van Zuijlen<

TELEMAGIC’s Magic8Ball

  1. Tangible Media
  2. Enhance Human Capacity
  3. Advance Technology
  4. Evolve Places
  5. Social Change
  6. Design Fiction
  7. Couple Worlds
  8. Today’s Oracle

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TELEMAGIC is an open-media lab that tries to make sense of the mysteries that revolve around digital technology; focussing on the human connection.

11-14 October: TELEMAGIC will extend S/ASH GA\\ERY’s neurons by showing a collection of machines that try to make sense of things that escape us. With the use of magic we will seek advice on how to enhance our human capacity in the virtual world during a 4-day residency.

Next to the 1 Euro Cinema, the TeleFortune-Spinner (50 cent 4 a Cyber Horoscope), the TerrorVendor (1 Euro Virus Vending), the Haiku Generator (The Guru of Digital Fortune), and a surprise will be up for Technopagan Enlightenment.

Free entrance, feel free, come by for a talk, movie, advice or horoscope in our Cyber Satin Oracle.