Fri 7 Feb '20 - Club

TEC ART 2020: live: tELEMAgiC & the Overkill Modular Music Night


Kunstenaarscollectief Telemagic presenteert een AI die vijf instrumenten aanstuurt en zelf de setlist bepaalt: de muziek van de toekomst? Aansluitend een avond gecureerd door The Overkill met modulaire muziek en experimentele techno van Jungle of Wires, Actodisko, Rainbow Children, FLUQS, Acheface en Jack Fresia, visuals door Gijs van Ouwerkerk en 41k3 en een videogame van Ian McLarty.

The Overkill Festival made a selection of exciting experimental artists to celebrate TEC ART in Rotterdam. Explorers of sounds, soundscape magicians, emotional players and loud performers.. during The Overkilliiii Sounds you are invited to navigate new waves of imagination.

22:30 Telemagic Concert for A.I
23:30 Jungle of Wires (modular synthesizer)
– Compressing her set up as much as possible Jungle of Wires pushes the possibilities of the module.
00:10 ActoDisko (experimental)
– From old school drum machines, DIY sound modules to modified kids toys, expect an improvised vibe of thundering kicks, distorted machines and eerie chiptunes from ActoDisko.
00:50 Rainbow Children (sound performance + silent movie)
– Playing with loud toys, The Rainbow Children present – for the first time – a live set for silent movie (tba).
1:30 FLUQS (experimental soundscape)

The work of Jim Zweerts, aka FLUQS, plays with the symbiosis of contrasting elements and approaches towards sound: algorithmic processes vs minuscule handcraft, associative and club-oriented sounds vs more abstract structures, playfulness vs formalisation.
2:10 Acheface (modular synthesizer)
– Distorted industrial beats originated from a Eurorack modular synthesizer.
2:50 Jack Fresia (modular synthesizer)
– Synthetic landscape and dark ambiences. Mixing psychedelic melodies with techno grooves Jack Fresia creates a deep musical experience perfect for the dancefloors!
End 4:00

– Gijs van Ouwerkerk:
Gijs van Ouwerkerk is a photographer who paints with voltage. Using a (partly DIY) modular analog video synthesizer, he creates visuals that respond directly to the rhythms and intensity of the music. The combination of raw synthesis building blocks like oscillators, keyers and wavefolders and a live camera feed creates a performance that is unique and irreproducible.
– 41k3:
Ian MacLarty Southbank PortraitDuring the evening take control of the visuals and wonder around in the trippy and wonderful world of the video game of Ian McLarty.