Thu 6 Feb '20 - Film

TEC ART 2020 Day 2 / Cultfilm: Westworld

Michael Crichton, USA, 1973, 85 min

Teaming up with with partners-in-cybercrime TEC ART to kick off the new decennium with a “computer clusterfuck science-fiction cultfilm” that will scare the living technophobe shit out of you! (Note: different day, different time, same place).

West World stars the iconic Yul Brynner as pistolero-gone-bonkers in Michael Crichton’s (Jurassic Park) thriller about a cowboy and western themed entertainment parc for the rich.

Luckily there never was a remake, due to Schwarzenegger (who was intended for the lead) running for governor, so you can enjoy this cult classic unspoiled. The sequel is called FUTUREWORLD and is worth a watch, as well as the HBO series.