Tue 18 Jun '19 - Pirate Bay

T-Shirt Conversations


This evening, we invite #Wunderbar’s drinkers/party animals/artists/dates to enjoy a fun performance. If you like the arts, absurd humor, endless debates on capitalism, Guy Debord’s ideas on society of the spectacle, ugly t-shirts, stupid sentences, but still want to chill and drink a beer with friends in the meantime, the T-shirt Conversations evening is made for you.

The evening consists of three parts:

Workshop 20:00

Ex-fashion victims, bring your old clothes and other accessories – we will help you transform them into anti-consumerist statements. Let’s hack fashion together, and resist “Buy or Die”.

Performance by Buren Collective 21:00

T-shirt Conversations is a performance bringing together different dialogues based on t-shirt quotes and statements encountered in the streets, in shops and online. The conversation questions the invasiveness of these texts and the way certain slogans are embedded in our daily life experience while sticking to our minds. By taking these sentences and injunctions seriously and combining them, Buren collective analyzes and modifies their meaning and impact.

Buren decided to use these rigid lines, to challenge their often ironic, rude or blatant nature and turn them into dialogues, exploring their political, absurd or humorous qualities. From father-daughter conversations, friends discussing feminism, to late night phone sex, they’re digesting the slogans they saw, putting it back out there.

(Wunder)Bar Quiz 21:35

We dug into our archive and prepared a set of questions on underground culture, from Roffa and around the world, to inspire and challenge you. Come test your knowledge and win drinks!

*About the Artists*

*Buren* is a collective working in theater, performance, visual arts, and video, comprised of Oshin Albrecht and Melissa Mabesoone. These two artists explore how our society evolves in a poetic and humorous way. They question and contest the role and representation of women in neo-liberal western societies. In a few words, Buren are working with(in) popular culture, transforming political issues and elements that surround them, into playful objects.

Speciale avond rondom T-shirt conversaties, waarbij citaten en statements op t-shirts met elkaar in gesprek gaan. Speciaal aanbevolen voor liefhebbers van absurdisme, kunst, Guy Debord, stompzinnige t-shirts en discussies over kapitalisme, temidden van bier, vriendschap en gezelligheid.

T-shirt Conversations worden bezorgd door het Buren collectief, bestaande uit Oshin Albrecht en Melissa Mabesoone, die middels theater, performance, beeldende kunst en video onderzoeken hoe ons maatschappij op poetisch en humoristisch niveau verandert.

Website: https://www.burencollective.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/burencollective/