Sat 29 Feb '20 - Concert

Synthmania All-Dayer- FREE!

Noodlebar vs Design Academy Eindhoven

Please note! This is a free all-day event in two parts:
Afternoon – workshops and demonstrations
Nighttime – club

There will be a short break of about an hour between the two so stick around, get some food and drink and prepare yourselves!

Projected timetable
15:00-16:30 Showcases Design Academy
Mick Thörig / Lewis Duckworth / Rok Ha / Claire Cherigie / Hunter Russell Hiscock / Milan Baas / Sebastian Gyorgy / Elèna Kostner / Clémentine Buffa / Stefan Boerkamp / margeaux abeyta / Henry Wein / Scarlett Smith-Pete / Josha Veldheer / Sarah Hasni.
17:00- 19:00 Showcases Design Academy (15x)
Zoë Prifti / TOSHIHITO Endo / Young Jin Joo / Duo Xu 11 / Leopoldo Inkapööl / Salomé Sperling / Marcel Bednarz / Emanuele (Lele) Griccioli / Claudia Rao Hackett / Chai Dienen / Brogen Berwick / Léa SIMON / Juliette Corrie /
Thomas Mair / Pauline Light burne
19:00-21:00 BREAKDOWN / Club Night soundcheck.
21:30 Noodlebar XL;
– Traveling Synths
– Sybren Danz
– OSC1899

Now read on…

“Heb je ooit gejammed op elektronische golven van een magnetron? Een techno set opgevoerd met een deur? Het podium gerockt met een robot gemaakt van scrap? Of ooit de akoestiek van een ruimte onderzocht? We hebben 30 studenten van de Design Academy Eindhoven uitgedaagd om de synthesizer opnieuw uit te vinden. Op 29 februari zullen al deze vervormde geluidsobjecten opgesteld zijn in WORM om te bekijken en uit te proberen!”

Activeer je frequenties met nog een Noodlebar editie. Als altijd, Noodlebar is gewijd om je gehoorkabels te verdraaien. De Open City is aangezet!

This time Noodlebar XL welcomes Design Academy Eindhoven for some free scrapyard action.

“Have you ever jammed on a synth microwave? Perform a techno set with a door? Rocked the stage with a scrap yard bot? Or explored the sonic range of a room? We’ve challenged 30 students from Design Academy Eindhoven to rethink the synthesizer. On February 29th all these sound bending objects will be available to explore at WORM, Rotterdam for you to explore!”  Check the link for what’s in store.

Artists Noodlebar XL club night:

Traveling Synths
Travelling synths is a research project exploring sound design and composition, inspired by architecture and nature. The sounds in this upcoming debut performance are a sonic translation of depot Boijmans van Beuningen. Using original sounds and samples taken on location, and manipulating them live to create harmonies and rhythms. The project’s process is being documented and published weekly on YouTube.

HA: is a designer and a dj from Korea based in Eindhoven. He conveys his fascination with raw textured sound and swelling movement through compositions of diverse genre of electronic music. He mixes ambient techno, techno and variations, experimental electronics and techno with modular glitch sounds. In his set, HA: seeks for dark, experimental and textured soundscape with rhythmic ritual inspired by oriental spirit.

Rotterdam based synthesist Chris David a.k.a. OSC1899 is collecting and playing synthesizers since 2007. About 3 yearsago he entered the modular synth scene and met mr. Noodlebar Mono-poly at one of the Noodlebar events. His first modular synth gig followed soon and he did a live performance for Noodlebar at BAR.
Uptil now OSC1899 has build up an interesting track record of live performances, mostly under the moniker of Noodlebar. His setup varies per event and depends on the location, timetable and vibe of the area where he is playing. The music OSC1899 plays can be as best described as deep, groovy and ambient.

Visuals by MONO-POLY