Tue 26 Sep '17 - Concert

Ladytronics: Rowine + Strict Nurse + Zoe Reddy

Antilounge presents a ferocious night of electronics

Antilounge brings an electronics night to the Avantgardistic State, featuring The Hague’s most dangerous cats.

Rowine tells us: “I express my wonder about the world through sound and pictures, or sometimes both. I record many sounds in my immediate environment, and then I process them through sound compositions. I like to keep it as simple as possible, the more normally I work the more exciting it seems. For example the sound of an egg frying in a pan, ultimately it makes a cool sound that can fit “somewhere”. My house is the playground and I’m the child.”

Strict Nurse, aka (Leilani Trowell-De Turck) produces left-field soundscapes by way of a stockpile of cassette tapes, effect pedals, a synthesizer and somewhat morbid passages of text.

According to her biography, Medium Rar (Adrienne Wennekes) was “raised by the Spice Girls and the gently influenced by  The Hague’s sea breezes. Consequently she makes music at a median temperature of 50-60 degrees; Poppy, substantial and with a beating heart.

Artist Zoe Reddy uses her classic songwriting background and combines it with contemporary electronic music tools to create danceable soundscapes. Reddy sings in ‘Bimbo Electrico’ and as MC Electronic B, in Rivers Area Juke Squad.

Java Flynn (Barbara Ellison) dives into the often turbulent waters of “repetition, obsession and intensity”, as well as negotiating treaties with the untamed,seductive sonic creatures that lie hidden, out of sight.

Alina Valentina makes music with synthesizers and sings Dutch lyrics over the top. “Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Regardless, I always seem to like it.” QED.

D. Director (Deirdre Duffey) is obsessed with the beautiful contrasts; which she works into lush, but often tough, dry musical dreamscapes. Expect to be bowled over by an antediluvian mix of West Coast, Holland Noir and Dutch electro.