Wed 10 Jan '18 - Film

Spider, Spit and Broken Bells – Haperende Mens Film Evening

Leviathan (2012) + Buster’s Mal Heart (2016)

Leviathan (2012)
By Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor
Paravel and Castaing-Taylor create meditative, trance-like non-narrative epics into unseen and alien aspects of our environments. Their Leviathan is a vertigo-inducing study of the human relationship to the sea. The film evokes mythologies of the sea, while also addressing urgent contemporary concerns regarding the place of the human in the cosmos.

Busters Mal Heart (2016)
By Sarah Adina Smith
Enigmatic thriller about paranoia and loss of identity, ‘Buster’s Mal Heart’ is a psychological brainteaser with Lynchian touches. Buster occupies vacant holiday homes, which he leaves in perfect order without stealing anything. In a former life he was Jonah, a night clerk in a remote hotel. One day an unknown man walks in. He warns Jonah about society and the dangers of the upcoming year 2000. Busters Mal Heart revolves around the mystery of how Jonah became Buster and the more we find out, the more the boundaries between dream, delusion and reality start to blur.