Fri 12 Jan '18 - Festival

Spider, Spit and Broken Bells – Haperende Mens Festival 2017-18

Traces of the Sacred

The Avantgardistic State promotes workable cultural alternatives to the current socio-cultural narrative. This is why we are delighted to host the second part of the latest edition of Haperende Mens festival. Part 1 of this festival took place on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 December 2017 at OCCII, Amsterdam.

Passe-partout tickets now on sale!. Gives access to both days at WORM and in V2_.

This edition will explore the idea of the sacred in the context of an overly regulated society. The present time in which political polarisation, alienation and thrill-seeking diverts us from inner experience and meaning. Where are those deep, intense moments that transcend our increasingly regulated daily lives?

Through a music and arts programme we present transgression, experiment and ritual as forms of sustainability; against the backdrop of todays ever-increasing social disembodiment.

Not your usual cup of herbal tea maybe. Rather a mixture of spiders, spit and broken bells.

Friday Programme at WORM

Please note! Doors are open for both festival days at 18:00 for the non-musical events. Festival tickets are on sale in the building from 19:00. 

Senyawa feat. Patshiva Cie (ID/BE) (curated by Europalia and Pantropical)
Oiseaux-Tempête (FR)
Bear Bones, Lay Low (BE/VE)
Simon Crab (Bourbonese Qualk, UK)
Pharoah Chromium (DE/Pal)
David Edren/ DSR lines (BE)

Film Programme:
Leviathan (2012) by Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor
On Tender Hooks (2013) by Kate Shenton
+ A short film programme

Special thanks to Europalia for supporting Haperende Mens Festival