Sun 10 Jul '16 - Concert

Sonic Boom / Spectrum + Yuko Yuko


Since the beginning of the 1980s, Pete “Sonic Boom” Kember has been exploring his unique vision of music and sound through different outputs; working with some crucial musicians (Eddie Prévost, Kevin Shields, Delia Derbyshire, Stereolab, to name a few) and adding his touch to records such as MGMT’s “Congratulations” and Panda Bear’s “Tomboy”.

Alongside Jason Pierce, Peter Kember is founder member of the legendary band Spacemen 3. Spacemen 3 helped define space-rock, shoegaze and drone-rock, and recorded a run of albums that influenced many of their contemporaries. The band also championed many then-obscure and half-forgotten musical legacies (American Primitive music, Brian Wilson, Suicide, and Krautrock) and plugged into the zeitgeist; (the Kember half of “Recurring” draws on the British rave scene). Kember was also the man behind some of the band’s most iconic songs, like “Suicide”, “Losing Touch With My Mind” or “Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here)”.

When Spacemen disbanded, Pete Kember started two projects that continue to this day. Spectrum, a continuation of the more rock-based work he did in Spacemen 3, and E.A.R. (Experimental Audio Research).

Yuko Yuko

Yuko Yuko is het Nederlandse nostalgic-psychpop-loftpunk-slimefunk solo-project [sic] [sic] [sic] van Elias Elgersma. Elias is pas negentien jaar oud maar heeft nu al een brede catalogus aan platen, gemaakt op taperecorders van voor zijn tijd. Elias gebruikt namelijk enkel apparatuur dat ouder dan hij zelf is!

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