Sat 19 May '18 - Concert

Edison Jams Presents: Sjamsoedin + Animistic Beliefs + Ofra (dj-set)

Edison Jams from Amsterdam + Rotterdam

A fine example of Rotterdams-Amsterdamse-Freundschaft in the Avantgardistsic State!

Sjam Sjamsoedin
Amsterdam-based Sjam Sjamsoedin is a well-known face on the electronic music scene. He bought his first sampler in 1999 and has been experimenting with electronic instruments ever since, which culminated in building his own modular synth in 2014 to sculpt his own unique sound.

Sjam will be the focal point of a night dedicated to Edison Jams, an Amsterdam-based label that is (and WORM quotes) “a platform for synth related goodness.” More details of the line up will be announced in due course.


Besides spinning records, Ofra is a music promoter and one of the co-founders of the Rotterdam based online radiostation, Operator. She played as a dj duo (Hollywood & Vine) for the last six years and has now started here own solo project. Ofra will take you on a nice trip while sippin’ some (dark) wave, electro, new beat, acid and synthpop music.

Animistic Beliefs
Animistic Beliefs glide through the plains of planet electro. From behind a labyrinthine construction of analogue synths, vintage drum computers, and spiderweb of coloured cables oozes an almost extraterrestrial-like energy created by this eccentric-looking duo.