Wed 18 Apr '18 - Concert

Shit & Shine (US) + Efraín Rozas (PE) + Joe Kisser (NL)

Colourful sonic chaos in the A-State of love

Shit & Shine
(We received this missive and felt loathe to change it. Take a deep breath, avantgardisten!). “Shit & Shine’s sidestep from percussion-led, bunny rabbit rock ensemble performance-based glee to ultimate heavy fools of the sticky dancefloor remains one of the more inspiring turnarounds in recent years. With highly acclaimed releases on Editions Mego, Diagonal, Riot Season and others, Shit & Shine have wasted no time clearing away the rubbish whilst cutting up their own path towards giddy bass heavy shape shifting dance mutations. Snapping the twigs of disco, hurling clouds of exquisite dissonance, mangling modulations, boiling beats, twisting tweaks this is a crew that will throw anything at the wall, and you.”

Efraín Rozas
Efraín Rozas is a Peruvian researcher and musician based in New York. Rozas is currently touring Europe; presenting a percussive robot that improvises in real time with a polyrhythmic logic. The project is entitled, Do Robots Have Ethnicity?

Joe Kisser
Joe Kisser makes a racket with children’s toys that you can laugh at. He jumps around and invents weird dances. Joe Kisser is a tribute / cover band. He covers everything that the very famous and fantastic artist Jeroen Kuster has ever made. Kuster is also a sports teacher. Joe Kisser has added a video showing the artist Jeroen Kuster at work. This is because there are not many recordings of Joe Kisser