Fri 19 May '17 - Festival

Seriously? Adventures in Music

Dance the night away on classical music

The new festival ‘Seriously?’ showcases an adventurous cross-section of contemporary classical music with 17 shows in 2 days. Different ensembles and musicians playing all kinds of classical genres without the dull connotations we’re used to. ‘Seriously?’ features known pioneers, well-kept secrets and rising stars performing their newest creations. Expect traditional music, contemporary shows, radical ideas; old-fashioned repertoires versus improvised experimental music, acoustic versus electronic, and simply out-of-the-box avant-garde. ‘Seriously?’ is all about exploring new music and being surprised by the variety of contemporary classical music.

‘Seriously?’ Festival takes place on Thursday the 18th and Friday the 19th of May in De Doelen. With club showcases at different locations. The first evening of club showcases is in BIRD, on Thursday the 18th; and on Friday the 19th WORM is the host. You can buy tickets for ‘Seriously? Adventures in Music’ via their website.

Seriously? Is the public festival that takes place on the 18th and 19th of may in the context of Classical:NEXT.

‘Seriously?’ Club Showcases

WORM hosts the Friday club showcases with 4 innovators from the international classic music scene. Breath & Hammer are a genre on its own; a whirlwind of clarinet and piano. Flautist Ned McGowan is a non-conformist and groundbreaking musician, with a sole creative mission to play ferocious music using the lowest possible reach of the flute.

The resident ‘Seriously?’ DJ’s introduce you to the night with danceable classical/club music. Gabriel Prokofjev, producer and grandson of the famous Russian composer Sergei Prokofjev, is not only one of the organizers of these club chowcases, but also a DJ. He makes intriguing connections between classical traditions and contemporary electronic music. Gabriel Prokofjev is joined by the cellist, conductor, and “organizer of classical music raves”,  Mr. Van Walsh.

If you have a ticket for the Club Showcases in WORM on Friday, you can also visit ‘Become Ocean’. This is a Grammy-winning piece from American composer John Luther Adams, played by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra on Friday the 19th at 21:15 in De Doelen.