Tue 9 Jan '18 - Concert

Scott Gilmore & Cate Kennan (US) + Hiele DJ (BE)

Explorations in sound

Scott Gilmore
Blessed are those who have regular access to yard sales, for they shall inherit the best gear and records. Scott Gilmore’s music incorporates a love of old recording gear, nearly two decades-worth of guitar study and a knowledge of Krautrock and library music. With these attributes he creates a complex, but very accessible sound that also nods to the likes of Beefheart. His LP, ‘Subtle Vertigo’ (on International Feel) is the follow-up to a 2016 cassette on SFV Acids SFV Records label.

Cate Kennan
LA resident Cate Kennan has a preference for industrial rhythms balanced against melodic electronics and harmonies with a fair amount of texture and sonic gravitas. Kennan’s compositions veer between ambient introspection and pulsating, upbeat electronica. In short: dreamy and très poppy!

Hiele (DJ)
This producer from Antwerp is one of the tastemakers behind Belgian electronic music label Ekster. At WORM Roman Hiele has left his 808s at home and spins his favourite ambient and new age records.