Sat 10 Feb '18 - Festival

S ∆ D シ & L 0 N E L Y ♨

A one-day festival about internet subcultures, ranging from music to visual aesthetics

 True avant-garde practice involves a prodigious amount of stealing from the past to inform current actions. That’s why we feel it’s time to indulge in some cyber nostalgia. We will pay homage to various micro internet subcultures which emerged in the last decade and look forward to a bright, pixellated future. So come with us and escape into a hyper-real world made of plastic and coloured pastel-pink; surf the cyan-blue waterfalls on displays with Windows 95 and befriend LED-lit busts of Helios.

The programme starts at 15:00 and goes on until late after midnight;

~ Joshua Thies makes online radio waves with RAAR
~ Stoneys and Pleun Gremmen screen live visuals
~ Legowelt makes a new Shadow Wolf Cyberzine during an open workshop 
~ DJ’s ¥ung Forum x GG Ballin play elevator tracks
~ Jasper Boogaard plays Moomins inspired synth songs as ‘Midwinter Bonfire’
~ Niek Hilkman will tell us about “Will VHS save the future?”
~ Florian Cramer teaches us about “Before and after The Great Meme War”
~ Zinzi Peters & Leroy Verbeet show us what “Gayporwave” is all about
~ Nimbus 3000 takes you into his retro-kitsch universe
~ Lunarboi surfs on the waters of Witch House & Darktrap
~ Bound Centre lights the party on fire with DJ’s; s x m b r a, Ice Viper & Victor Metze