Sun 14 Oct '18 - Festival

RVLT Festival #5 – Day 3

Lectures, films and performances with Free Jazz as the inspiration

Tickets for the Sunday programme can be found here.

Documentary: ‘Milford Graves Full Mantis’
Polyrhythmics have always been a strong part of RVLT Festival’s musical signature, and free jazz has been the musical genre that has embraced this for decades. RVLT, therefore, is honoured to get the chance to screen the award winning documentary, ‘Milford Graves Full Mantis’. Having its debut screening at Rotterdam’s IFFR, RVLT has an exclusive in presenting this as part of the Sunday programme. A documentary that goes further than just music, touching on a philosophy of life and art. Probably one of the best documentaries of 2018.

Balazs Pandi
The Hungarian drummer for Japanese noise legends Merzbow and Keiji Haino, Pandi will first give a lecture about free jazz and the Milford Graves documentary. He will follow that up with an improv performance with French double bass player Merakhaazan. Expect a set inspired by oriental and Arabic tones and melodies.

This year RVLT presents the amazing Belgium multi-disciplinary artist Piet Du Congo, inviting us into his wonderful world of art and absurdity. The French publishing house, Le Dernier Cri also present their extensive collection of outsider artists. Fantastic, colourful and full of expression.