Sat 13 Oct '18 - Festival

RVLT Festival #5 Day 2

Extreme Electronics Night + Chaos in Morocco Documentary

Breakcore, talks and film is the order of day two’s programme at WORM.

Lectures and Documentary: Chaos in Morocco
Breakcore artists Doormouse (US) and Toecutter (Australia) will discuss their own views on music and art. The documentary ‘Chaos in Morocco’ is a fascinating short film that focuses on how Moroccan youths manage to juxtapose their love of punk music with a strict religious environment.

PLUS! Expect a special Eboman show planned for ± 21h

Extreme Electronics
RVLT has invited a range of producers who push their creative limits to the maximum: call it “an excess of the possible”. Expect the weirdest crossovers like Gameboy Gabba, Moombahcore, Metalbreaks, but also some legendary pioneers like UK producer Remarc who was one of the originators of Jungle back in the 90s and Rotterdam’s Munchi, best known for introducing the Rotterdam sound of Mumbahton to the world at large. Other artists on Saturday are DJ Scotch Egg (JAP), Hassan K (FR), Baseck (USA), and Voodoom (NL).

This year RVLT presents the amazing Belgium multi-disciplinary artist Piet Du Congo, inviting us into his wonderful world of art and absurdity. The French publishing house, Le Dernier Cri also present their extensive collection of outsider artists. Fantastic, colourful and full of expression.

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