Sun 16 Dec '18 - Festival


Ver Uit de Maat - ROTTERDAM LEIPZIG Editie !

Two quirky cities join hands and bring together their most extraordinary, their most original, yes… their ROTZIGSTEN MUSIKER on one day! This will be your only chance to get DER KREM DE LA KREM of both Rotterdam and Leipzig on stage in this special edition of our annual Ver Uit de Maat Festival. Leipzig luminary Herr Heinrich Hauptmann and Rotterdam’s Lovely Janine Wegman will be your guides..

Ja mensen, Ver Uit de Maat komt weer terug dit jaar maar dan in een speciale vorm. Uw VudM programmeur heeft de krachten gebundeld met Mr. Vast aka Henry Sargeant aka Mr. Wevie Stonder die in Leipzig woont. Rotterdam en Leipzig zijn namelijk allebei goed bedeeld als het om extravagante en originele figuren gaat. Lees Verder dus! O ja, en Leipziger Herr Heinrich Hauptmann en Bekende Rotterdamse Janine Wegman zijn uw gastheer/vrouw op deze dag.

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From Leipzig 1,2,3 :

Deck the Halls with rubber, and prepare thyself for the sonic trepanation of the Kröter collective, guaranteed to make your brain squirm in the most exquisite fashion. Fronted by the loquacious Mr Vast, a gentlement prone to speaking in tongues at the drop of a ten-gallon hat filled with gin tonic, the trio’s weapon of mass deconstruction is their Engine Room, consisting of ambidextrous percussion maestro Christoph Rothmeier, equally adept at slaving over his hot tectonic plates of rhythm and juggling with his arcane keyboard contraptions, and string-bender extraordinaire Joe Zahn doubling on guitar and bass and always eager to redefine the meaning of “riff”. Fans of The Residents, Sun City Girls and other idiosyncrats of rock should definitely check this out.

Planets Are On It

Free-Music, Fun-Music, Human-Music. 1 Show. Mistakes are important.
Why are we so beautiful ?


A grumpy and loony rebel squeezing a big load of frustration out of his vocal chords. From nine to five he’s pulling 1100 litre trashcans, caring for an elderly woman, cleaning a bar and a hostel. For the money? a passing fancy? Yes. But no. A breeding ground for a society-critical squaller who’s fly fishing for senselessnessmonster in our middleeuropean blablabla.

From Rotterdam 3,2,1:


Is it a band? Is it art? Is it theater? Rotterdam’s Coolhaven are a breezy, clever act that are in love with pop and use it as a vehicle to get up to all sorts of mischief. They’ve made some great records (most recently “Rode Pruik”, an homage to the Rondos), produced absurdist operas about Friedrich Nietzsche or David Hasselhoff and dressed up in the most bizarre outfits. Our first-class critic Richard Foster wrote: “They generally mucked about on the fringes of both the cultural sector and the international underground pop scene for years. Though they might not like me saying this a lot of their music is playful in a very Dutch manner, ever-so-slightly self-effacing and clever but always fun. Unsurprisingly, there is a distinct whiff of Rotterdam in their sound: an “up-for-it” air, sometimes abrasive but earthy and quick-witted.”

Local Jungle

Local Jungle sind zwei rotzige mädchen who only just discovered that they rock as a duo. But make no mistake: they have been around, they are avant-garde divas in their own right!  Expect organic acoustic structures with electronic projections of mathematical realities. Tuneful explorations of time-variant reverberations. With Nina Hitz: Cello and Vilbjørg Broch: Voice & Computers.

Jacco and Rowan

An extraordinary duo. Love them or hate them! In both cases they will blow you away with their absurdist actions, involving wrestling, trumpet playing, weird noises and sweat.
If you’re lucky you’ll even get a piece of cake.

DJ Groovy Ruby

One or Rotterdam’s most characteristic DJs! She will warm you up between sets. After dinner time you’ll be entertained by the ZIG DJs.