Sat 17 Feb '18 - Club

Retrigger [BR] + Logosamphia [NL/IR]

Incredible weirdness via Brazil by way of Roffa

Retrigger (Ego Twister/ CockRockDisco) and Logosamphia (Ego Twister/ Darling Dada), two idiot savants. One is from Sao Paulo armed with a theremin, and playstation controller, the other one from Tehran city Rotterdam; armed with kiwis, pineapples & circuitbent toys. They are visiting WORM for a “fruit noise” session.

Expect “an exquisite evening filled with danceable treats and incongruent tricks” and a DJ selection of “incredible weirdness: think postbreakcore, elevator music, retardcore, imbi-silly beats, 8bit jungle, kiwi tunes, B-pop, skwee, arabic dance and so on.”