Sun 26 May '19 - Talk

Regenerative Feedback Conference – Day 3 – Signal / Model / Feedback


In musical perception there is no correct way of listening, as there is no correct way of producing “creative sound.” The understanding of any given piece of music depends merely on the capacities of the hearing parties and their willingness to listen. Moreover, different musical materials touch upon different abilities to discern meaning: beats, screams, melodies and noise all appeal to different types of subjectivities and somatic constraints. One does not need to have even the most basic knowledge of musical concepts in order to listen with understanding. Music happens, brains process and predict: predict and process. Sometimes one hears, sometimes one listens. The medium that is sound escapes rigorous scrutiny in that it cannot be grasped. As artist Jules Gimbrone has argued: “Sound is the most queer medium in the sense that it is both physical and uncontainable and doesn’t have the bounds that other forms do.” Sound does not conform to a structure which humans can delineate, confine or define. What one person takes away from a musical piece may completely slide off another as total nonsense. What makes one body thrive and feel empowered may make another shiver and coil up. Among other things, these are the main lines that will be drawn upon by the speakers of the final evening of Regenerative Feedback.

The themes and presentations of this evening rehash utopian aspirations to learn how to think, hear and listen anew. We cannot ignore the urgency to take action in light of the global sociopolitical vacuity. The devastating and nearly irreversible results of the celebration of ignorance in the face of disaster urge a rethinking of future desires and actual capacities. The challenge was always thought to be outside, but the real problem could not lie any closer to the very logic of our existence. In honor of Mark Fisher’s legacy, Regenerative Feedback organizes thought around the light at the end of the tunnel (which is hopefully not an incoming train, as infamously noted by Slavoj Žižek), around the desperate, passionate, sarcastic, absurd, last-resort that is the blind belief in change for the better. Taking advantage of the spectacle-ethos of contemporary culture, constant spectatorship — or auditorship — offers a chance for at least a few Trojan horses.

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Programme Day 3 (Programme Day 1Programme Day 2)

Workshops: Deep Listening with Sharon Stewart (12 noon), XOIR with Colin Self (14:00)

Talks (18:00): Paul Rekret, Lendl Barcelos, Colin Self, Charissa Granger

Performances (19:15-19:45): Nickel van Duijvenboden + Anna Stegmann

Talks (20-21:00): Kareem, Brandon Covington Sam-Sumana, Jon Lindblom, Adam Harper

Roundtable and Q&A (21:15-22:30): Moderator: Andrew Cappetta

Performances (22:45): Céline Manz + Jakob Warmenbol, Brandon Covington Sam-Sumana.


(Het bezoek van Andrew Capetta wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door Het Nieuwe Instituut met steun van het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken.)


Over Regenerative Feedback
Regenerative Feedback is een jaarlijks conferentie op het gebied van muziek, nieuwe media, geluidskunst en filosofie. Het idee achter dit evenement is om experimentele performances en nieuwe media kunstprojecten te tonen, en deze te onderzoeken door middel van workshops, toegankelijke lezingen en gesprekken tussen experts en publiek.

De eerste iteratie van Regenerative Feedback vond plaats bij Issue Project Room, New York City in 2018, met speakers zoals o.a. Reza Negarestani, Alexandra Hedako Mason, Manni Dee, Colin Self, Melle Kromhout en Marielle Pelissero. De eerstvolgende editie vindt plaats op 24, 25 en 26 mei in WORM, Rotterdam om vervolgens in 2020 in Mexico Stad neer te strijken.

Het evenement streeft ernaar interdisciplinaire methodes te onderzoeken om duurzame sociale toekomsten te generen door de lens van muziek en nieuwe media, en hoopt toeschouwers te motiveren in nieuwe emanciperende richtingen: als we beter begrijpen wat het eigenlijk is dat ons naar muziek toe trekt, en hoe het ons naar elkaar maakt luisteren, bestaat er de kans dat deze visie toegepast kan worden in vernieuwende manieren op andere gebieden.

Regenerative Feedback is dus zowel mediaconferentie als intellectuele bijeenkomst, en probeert bruggen te slaan tussen beide, met daarin ruimte voor uitgebreide Q&A sessies om actieve toeschouwerschap te bevorderen.

Regenerative Feedback is an annual music, new media, sound art and philosophy conference. The idea behind this event is to present experimental performances; new media art, and to explore these through workshops, accessible lectures and conversations between experts and audiences.

The first iteration of Regenerative Feedback took place at Issue Project Room, New York City in 2018, with speakers such as Reza Negarestani, Alexandra Hedako Mason, Manni Dee, Colin Self, Melle Kromhout and Marielle Pelissero. This edition at WORM will be followed up by an event in Mexico City in 2020.

The event aims to investigate interdisciplinary methods to generate sustainable social futures through the lens of music and new media, and hopes to motivate spectators in new emancipatory directions: if we can understand what it is that attracts us to music, what drives us, in fact, to listen closely to one another; then there’s a chance for this vision to be innovatively applied in other areas.

Regenerative Feedback is thus both media conference and intellectual gathering, and tries to build bridges between the two, with room for extensive Q&A sessions to promote active spectatorship.