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Fri 24 May '19 - Talk

Regenerative Feedback Conference – Day 1 – SOURCE/CHANNEL/NOISE

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When do we listen with consent and when are we forced to listen? How do we learn and know how to listen? Is listening actually possible, or are we just superficially hearing everything? How can the cultural belief in the compelling power of music be reassessed in light of the present global discord? Whether society has always been an endless stream of noise or whether it is an ambient piece casually choking in self-made echo chambers, really begs the question concerning the definitions of social harmony, noise or discord. How does the musical factor into conversations about political justice, ethics and morality, about living together? How can thinking about a system–whose very nature rests on the intently organized or, conversely, the purposefully disarranged–help us think about the cognitive challenges we face as self-acclaimed ‘modern’ beings?

Following Foucault: where there’s power, there’s always resistance. But what if this resistance is not only expected by said power, but actually generated by it? How does one escape this schema? How does one fulfill the role, not of the normalized enemy which power expects, but the role of that which denormalizes and actually makes power/resistance relationships evolve? Thinking about resistance is a form of resistance as well, we hope. The speakers of Friday May 24 each present their views on such topics for the sake of reflection and a more careful understanding of what is at stake.

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Programme Day 1 (Programme Day 2Programme Day 3)

Introduction (14:00): EUR Introductory Symposium: WORM in Dialogue

Talks (18:00-19:00)Sami Khatib, Marielle Pelissero, DeForrest Brown Jr., Melle Kromhout

Performance (19:15-19:45): J U L E S  G I M B R O N E: INVISIBLE OBJECTS

Talks (20:00-21:00): Alexandra Hedako Mason, Luwayne Glass, Nickel van Duijvenboden, Jessica Feldman

Roundtable and Q&A (21:15-22:30): Moderator: Sara O’Brien

Performances (22:30): Céline Manz + Jakob Warmenbol, Glice, George Rahi.


Over Regenerative Feedback
Regenerative Feedback is een jaarlijks conferentie op het gebied van muziek, nieuwe media, geluidskunst en filosofie. Het idee achter dit evenement is om experimentele performances en nieuwe media kunstprojecten te tonen, en deze te onderzoeken door middel van workshops, toegankelijke lezingen en gesprekken tussen experts en publiek.

De eerste iteratie van Regenerative Feedback vond plaats bij Issue Project Room, New York City in 2018, met speakers zoals o.a. Reza Negarestani, Alexandra Hedako Mason, Manni Dee, Colin Self, Melle Kromhout en Marielle Pelissero. De eerstvolgende editie vindt plaats op 24, 25 en 26 mei in WORM, Rotterdam om vervolgens in 2020 in Mexico Stad neer te strijken.

Het evenement streeft ernaar interdisciplinaire methodes te onderzoeken om duurzame sociale toekomsten te generen door de lens van muziek en nieuwe media, en hoopt toeschouwers te motiveren in nieuwe emanciperende richtingen: als we beter begrijpen wat het eigenlijk is dat ons naar muziek toe trekt, en hoe het ons naar elkaar maakt luisteren, bestaat er de kans dat deze visie toegepast kan worden in vernieuwende manieren op andere gebieden.

Regenerative Feedback is dus zowel mediaconfentie als intellectuele bijeenkomst, en probeert bruggen te slaan tussen beide, met daarin ruimte voor uitgebreide Q&A sessies om actieve toeschouwerschap te bevorderen.

Regenerative Feedback is an annual music, new media, sound art and philosophy conference. The idea behind this event is to present experimental performances; new media art, and to explore these through workshops, accessible lectures and conversations between experts and audiences.

The first iteration of Regenerative Feedback took place at Issue Project Room, New York City in 2018, with speakers such as Reza Negarestani, Alexandra Hedako Mason, Manni Dee, Colin Self, Melle Kromhout and Marielle Pelissero. This edition at WORM will be followed up by an event in Mexico City in 2020.

The event aims to investigate interdisciplinary methods to generate sustainable social futures through the lens of music and new media, and hopes to motivate spectators in new emancipatory directions: if we can understand what it is that attracts us to music, what drives us, in fact, to listen closely to one another; then there’s a chance for this vision to be innovatively applied in other areas.

Regenerative Feedback is thus both media conference and intellectual gathering, and tries to build bridges between the two, with room for extensive Q&A sessions to promote active spectatorship.