Sun 27 May '18 - Workshop


A New Series By Vrooom

Vrooom thinks that Rotterdam finally has enough interesting musicians to start a improv series that functions as a lab. We also think that there are lots of different scenes floating around that dont meet each other much, if at all. Readymade is a chance to look beyond your own little world. This gathering will take place in WORMs Avantgardistic State.

Music that is blurred, impure, eclectic and spontaneous is the way to go. So please, well-trained jazz kids, allow some horrible noise in your world and please droneheads, listen to a beat or two and please psychedelic farties, think a bit before you get out of the groove:
Improv music is for everybody to play. Its not a means to an end it can be anything you want it happens in all cultures it doesnt necessarily come from jazz, or fluxus, or noise it comes from the heart as well as the brain

Line Up
First part curated by Mukarno, second part by Simonis.
Martine von Gleich – Violin
Philemon Mukarno – Live Electronics
Saskia Venegas – Violin
Jorrit Westerhof – Acoustic Guitar
wojtek szustak – Synth