Sat 8 Sep '18 - Concert

Radian (AU) + Dream Mirror (AUS) + The Howl Ensemble (NL)

Experimental rock avant la lettre

Austrian experimental rockers Radian have been around since 1996, moving steadily away from the glitchcore of their debut LP in 1998 towards more widescreen impressionistic musical territory. Their music somehow incorporates instrumental rock, post-rock, jazz and electronica and dance music in an intelligent whole. The band have been lauded by the intelligent music press (The Wire, Quietus) and have a fearsome live reputation.
“(A) band with impressively original density and texture” (New York Times)

Dream Mirror
Dream Mirror are an experimental music ensemble made up of Jola-Inanna Jones, Adam Kennedy and Shane Fahey. They formed in 2015, in a self-constructed sound bunker in Sydney, Australia. Neither following or setting rules, they explore spaciousness and complexity in a world out of balance.

The Howl Ensemble
Den Haag’s The Howl Ensemble have a new LP out, the impressive ‘Patina DLP’; a release that further cements their reputation as one of the best free / post / psychedelic rock fusion acts around. Expect long, tripped-out extempore pieces and some adrenaline-fuelled guitar charges.