Wed 29 Jan '20 - Pirate Bay

Queer Rotterdam x Zine Club

January edition

WORM Pirate Bay’s Zine Club is happy to announce their partnership with Queer Rotterdam for a new collaboration! The aim is to host a safe space that will allow people to embrace their creativity alongside their queerness and further support, connect and activate our queer community —this time through the collective making of zines!

Have you always wanted to make a zine but never got around to doing so? Do you already have some more experience in zine-making and would you like to share your skills/experience as well as further expand your zine collection by doing crafts together with other queers? Mark the 29 of January on your calendar! Zinester or not, you’re welcome to join this evening, where exploring your self-expression through the art of zine-making in a safe space will stand central.

There are tons of strange, cool, and unseen items that can be found at WORM’s Pirate Bay Archive. All of the objects in the archive will be available for inspiration, with the possibility of also scanning and printing out more material which could be reused into your new zines.