Tue 24 Mar '20 - Theatre

Queer Performance Art Evening special: Omni Toxica! – Postponed

a performative ritual through WORM

NOTE! This event is postponed until further notice, in line with the new Corona Virus regulations.

Omni Toxica is a journalistic and forensic performative ritual on the history of Coca and how it passed from being a green, sacred, medicinal plant into a whitewashed, capitalist, toxic product: cocaine. The project borrows strategies from journalism, spiritism, narco culture, alchemy and activism to construct a dystopian laboratory. Here the politics of death behind what we call the Coca-Cocaine-Cola complex are revealed as the continuation of a neo-colonial order in place. In Omni Toxica the coca plant machiavellizes its own court case while shedding light on the incoherent gap between justice and legality, between wellness and toxicity that overshadows this whole multibillion-dollar industry.

OMNI TOXICA by Paula Chaves and Thais Di Marco
Concept & Artistic direction: Paula Chaves.
Choreography: Thais Di Marco & Paula Chaves.
Performance: Thais Di Marco, Nadia Bekkers & Paula Chaves.
Visual artist/Scenographer: Natalia Sorzano.
Sound artist: Nadia Bekkers.
Dramaturgy/Artistic Advice: Rodrigo Batista.
Research: Natalia Chaves, Paula Chaves and Thais Di Marco.
Light Design and Technical support: Dana Claasen
Costumes: Thais Di Marco.
This piece was co-produced by Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam and Veem House for Performance.

Picture credits: Bas Czerwinski // Salih Kilic