Mavi Veloso


Mavi Veloso
“Muda/Mute” is part of project #iwannamakerevolution, a research conducted at Master of Voice at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, postmaster research at A.PASS in Brussels and project in residency at

“This time I started in the floor. I was what was going to happen could be just a big destruction, something to explode everyone’s ideas. With eyes closed, I have the microphone in my hand. I touch it on the floor as if sticking the surface with sound could map me wherever to go. In complete darkness, photograph flashes are the only way to highlight images gradually in development. We wonder if there’s possibility to be safe till the end. I turn up the sound as high as possible, I need to hear you, you have to hear me, we need to hear what. So how to make this soundtrack become our pact of love. How to make this noise witness the crime between you and I. I dance, I crawl, I walk… as if this blindness could turn revolution something possible.”

Mavi Veloso, Brazilian based in Amsterdam. Works Transdisciplinary as visual and performance artist, dancer, actress, singer and songwriter. As transgender migrant from South America to Europe, embodies and appropriates transformation process, conflicts and cultural adaptation, as well as fashion, queer, trans and drag queen elements to discuss gender, identity, sexuality, placement and displacement. Currently developing the project #iwannamakerevolution. Has presented works at the van Abbemuseum, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Les Urbaines, 31st Biennial of São Paulo among

Sarah Hamadeh


Sarah Hamadeh
“Wanderings of a Flaming Body: Second Iteration”
A body in flames falls from the sky into a Babylonian lake. To foresee and to forecast, with an oracle or a satellite and an all-embracing gaze, a camera seizes its initial descent. Between a clear blue sky and a cool gentle breeze, it tumbles down intractably into the heart of the desert, just before the world as we know it falls apart, crumbles into small particles and disappears. Both as catalyst and a warning, the sky turns yellow and a city drowns in its own flooded sewage. All at once we are in motion, and then we are still again.

Experimenting with fan fiction and borrowing from B-movie aesthetics, this second iteration of the work. Wanderings of a Flaming Body lays out a new set of elements of a film in the making and of an unfulfilled promise Sara Hamadeh had made to the late Lebanese filmmaker Christian Ghazi, whose films were burned during Lebanon’s impending civil wars. As only one copy of one film remains, the mission is to construct a possibility for the emergence of yet another one.

Sara Hamadeh is a Rotterdam-based artist working with performance and video. She is a graduate of the Master in Media Design and Communication at the Piet Zwart Institute and holds a BA in Cinema and Audio-Visual Arts (ALBA, Beirut). Her work focuses on the use of fiction as a methodology to navigate through the conditions of crises, from financial collapses to border-nation failures and warfare.


Connor Schumacher
I AM OPEN (workshop)
Opening and Closing workshop performance – a physical warm up to a dance party vibe based on the fact that “Straightness is a concept”. Working our way from the soft curves to the hard curves to trying to build stamina of finding physical metaphors of openness. It’s a queer wiggle!


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Tue 5 Mar '19 - Theatre


"curated by Anthony Hüseyin

WELCOME TO the third edition of QUEER PERFORMANCE ART EVENING ROTTERDAM. We QUEER ROTTERDAM once again ready and proud to introduce to you some great Queer performers from the Netherlands.

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Connor Schumacher


Connor Schumacher
“Look what your love has done to me”
An auto biographic exorcism.
A lip-sync to a passive aggressive conversion seminar.
A ritual to plow it into the earth.

Connor Schumacher is from America.
Evangelical, Born Again Christian, Home-schooled, Republican, Military, Hetero-normative America. Connor is no longer a part of any of those words. Connor went to school for writing but ended up studying dance in New York. He came to to the Netherlands in 2010 and has been making performances since 2012 at the dance development house Dansateliers in Rotterdam. He has been able to take part in several EU funded projects such as:

Performing Gender
Dancing Museums
and now Empowering Dance – Developing Soft Skills
Connor’s only goal now is to get people to move. People’s bodies and minds, to start moving the myths we have constructed around the body and society and to practice what it really is to be human. Because in the end we are all just animals, who can make myths and metaphors.

Anthony Hüseyin & Cynthia-el Hasbani


Anthony Hüseyin & Cynthia-el Hasbani

Assholes is a multi media performance piece. Anthony and Cynthia-el will explore and improvise around some “Assholes”.

Born in Urfa, grew up in Istanbul, studied jazz singing in the Netherlands, gave up on his Turkish passport in order to avoid joining to the army hence officially Dutch musician-performance artist, activist Anthony Hüseyin eventually is from Rotterdam but based in Berlin at the moment. He released two albums in Paradiso, won the second prize in singer-songwriter category on Grote Prijs Rotterdam, performed around Europe and festivals with his music and performance pieces. His music video was selected for the Berlin Music Video Awards. He is currently curating the Queer Performance Art Evening Rotterdam while performing and producing new works in Berlin.

Cynthia-el Hasbani is a Berlin based media artist from Lebanon. “Sunflower smile and starry eyes, Cynthia-el conquered the world of colors and patterns at a very young age, when she spilled her pastel gradient vomit all over her mother’s black and white dress.

Thorn Vineyard


Thorn Vineyard
Are you ready to meet the King?
Thorn Vineyard is a one-of-a-kind drag artist who uses the idea of masculinity in their performance. You might have seen Thorn dance in the Amsterdam nightlife, or maybe you’ve seen them storm the runway as a proud member of the House of Vineyard. ‘Sexual, confident, playful… Protesting through performance. My drag shows people that you can be whatever you want to be.’
In their piece [WO]MAN, Thorn combines spoken word, experimental dance, the human body and a whole lot of glitter to break out of the binary.


Kalib Batta


Kalib Batta
Kalib Batta is an Afro-Carribean, polyamorous, panromantic, demisexual, nongender artist and writer, who seeks to destroy the mantle of patriarchy hidden in our worlds, to find community through art and heal from institutional oppressions.