WELCOME TO the 6th edition of QUEER PERFORMANCE ART EVENING ROTTERDAM organized and curated by Anthony Hüseyin. Once again ready and proud to introduce to you some great Queer performers from the Netherlands as well from BERLIN and Ghent!

Inspired by Parliament Funkadelic, Prince and Liberace, SADO OPERA hail from St. Petersburg. Now based in Berlin, this queer collective has become one of the city’s most provocative and  eccentric music imports. The legendary US talk show host Conan O’Brien selected SADO OPERA as a musical symbol of Berlin and joined them onstage for his TV special about the German capital.

The resident band of Wilde Renate – one of Berlin’s most notorious nightclubs – SADO OPERA also play shows across Europe, spreading their message of unrestrained, gender-fluid love. Naturally, there’s been a whole lot of attention from various corners of the press too, with interviews ranging from the BBC Music to GayTimes and Pink News exploring the band’s relationship with Russia, Berlin, and beyond. One of the prevailing themes in the SADO OPERA philosophy is inclusivity, and the band talk passionately about queer visibility. For them, serious political action and serious fun can – and should co-exist. Their songs offer a mix of disco, boogie and electro-funk fused into a high energy live show experience.



XYX by Moreno Perna
Where XX and XY, the two sex chromosomes which distinguish a man from a woman, become fluid, is where Moreno Perna’s show XYX comes into being. His one-person play leads us from the clichéd image of a woman as a sensual body to an androgynous creature. Moreno believes that ‘gender’ cannot be deconstructed, only transcended, and in that zone a fluid sensation is created that goes beyond the division between what is male and what is female in our culture. Rather than a message to the spectator, it is a gentle appeal to everything that is both male and female in the spectator.

Moreno Perna (1989) is an Italian performer and choreographer based in Amsterdam. After graduating at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, he worked with Jan Fabre between 2014 and 2018, as part of the casts of Mount Olympus – to Glorify the Cult of Tragedy and The Power of Theatrical Madness. He also works as a nightlife performer under the name of Vortex X. His body of work focuses on the subject of identity as a cultural construct and how to find what is deeply and intrinsically humans behind social masks, through means of movement and spiritual research with his “Auratic Practice”. In collaboration with Dansmakers Amsterdam, he created two performances: LDRC, about the weird world of The Internet, and XYX, a performance about Gender identity.


” WHY DID THEY TRAVELED THE WORLD” – War on Bodies- by Mala
Mala’s Perfomance “war on bodies” sheds a light on the chronological process of controlling the body in a relation with colonialism that tries to jump through different times lived by Moroccan people and their bodies . They try to show how colonialism changed how we treat our bodies, our genders and sexualities ,expressing the bodily colonialism associated with war, military invasion, and how the model imposed is associated with the colonial bodies and sexualities.
By using audiovisual materials , body expression and symbols inherited from Moroccan Amazigh memory ,the performance is a revival of culture bodily transmitted by inheritance, inspired by the history and traditions of the Moroccan people and their bodies . Mala also tries to refer to borders as a colonial concept associated with delusional boundaries or building
walls and also laying barbed wire, which in one way or another tells us how boundaries have contributed to the bordering of our bodies and sexualities.

Mala (they/them) is a gender non-conforming performance artist, writer and political activist from Morocco. Their performances and writings emerge from their personal experiences in daily life. Mala seeks to amplify the visibility of the queer & trans* North African, Amazigh, Muslim refugee communities. They believe that decolonizing art is a necessary political act of affirming existence against the global attack and the marginalization of the cultures, histories and collective artistic work of POC and people from the south.

Tue 3 Dec '19 - Art / expo

Queer Performance Art Evening Rotterdam 6th Edition

With SADO OPERA and more!

The Eggcellent Adventures of Marijke De Roover / Part 1: A Womb of One’s Own

In her musical TED talk The Eggcellent Adventures of Marijke De Roover / Part 1: A Womb of One’s Own De Roover deals with questions regarding the nuclear family, feminism/motherhood and ethics of reproduction. TEDx (Technology, Entertainment and Design) talks address a wide range of topics often through storytelling. The speakers are given a maximum of 18 minutes to present their ideas in the most innovative and engaging ways possible. In 2010, noted statistician Nassim Taleb called TED a ‘monstrosity that turns scientists and thinkers into low-level entertainers, like circus performers’. De Roover chooses this format for her musical lecture performance to combine (pseudo-)scientific research, personal experience, including music and musical theater features intended to evoke emotional reactions of the audience, reflect on personal setbacks, and – through including fairytale inspired songs – to create a myth of origin of conceiving and raising a baby in a non-heteronormative family, often including questions of how the kids will relate to their family construction and existing tales and models.

De Roover’s early work focuses on the meaning of identities and the performative aspect of its creation. In previous projects she has researched grass roots politics and the relation between presidential campaigning and Greek Theatre (You can’t spell America w/o me, 2013), how identities exist on the internet in relation tot pop culture (The Selfie Song, 2013), Mormon Lifestyle and musical (A Mitt Summer Night’s Dream, 2014) and the cult of health (Is bio the new avant garde, 2015) and religion (Cosmic Latte, 2016). In her latest works she is dealing with questions regarding the nuclear family, feminism/motherhood, ethics of reproduction, and love, romance and compulsory heteronormativity under late capitalism.

Recuerdas is a duo formed for Lauriane Ghils and Marta Gonzalez Perez. The duo met for the first time at Rotterdam Conservatory, Codarts and they mainly play their own compositions in which strings play the leading role. Their music is intimate, dreamy, happy and relaxing.


Fried Love by Anthony Hüseyin
The struggle is real. What happens if you fall in love with your colonizer? You don’t have to be a land, nation, culture to be colonized cause they are created by us, they consist of us; our minds, hearts and bodies. Dreams? What about our dreams? Are they colonized too? “Fried Love” is a performance piece where Anthony Hüseyin reveals his deepest and darkest desires to his colonizers through a mysteries YouTuber.