Tue 25 Sep '18 - Concert

QUEER PERFORMANCE ART EVENING, curated by Anthony Hüseyin

Queer United Rotterdam Performance Art Evening

Anushthaan by Fazle Shairmahomed & Farah Rahman

In this decolonizing ritual we call upon ancestors through the particular histories and bodies of Fazle and Farah, both Surinamese-Hindustani. Ancestral spirits who have suffered and thrived through a history of colonialism, histories which are embodied in the audience questioning the relationships of our humanity. As a healing practice it aims to break out of racist and sexist constructs that have been oppressive for our existence and well-being.


Olave Nduwanje & Nazrina Rodjan
As part of a research on the institutional inclusion of trans, intersex and queer bodies, minds and works, Olave is developing a short animation movie. The work engages a painting owned by the Van Abbe Museum (based in Eindhoven) of Kid Oliviera, a black boxer of some renown in the late 1930s. The painting has been part of the museums collection for a long time, but has been the subject of institutional racialised violence. The short animation movie will engage the history of that institutional violence, but also propose a process of healing and accountability. The animation movie will be scripted by Olave and animated by Nazrina Rodjan.

Yun Ingrid Lee
On Illegibility is a lecture performance on identification politics in the development and use of biometric technology such as facial recognitions and fingerprint scanners. The lecture scrutinizes the algorithms that center certain bodies (usually white, cis-het male) as a standard from which others are mere deviations and traces how biometrics ultimately shape definitions of what a human being is and is not. It is a lecture on ambiguity, and finally on strategies of camouflage (passing, realness) and masking. This lecture unpacks the implications of being legible in the eyes of the state and society, and sides with the aesthetics and politics of illegible and fluid bodies and faces.


Angelica Falkeling
’break’ ’relax’. If the background dancer became the main protagonist it is not really an entertainment strategy. The artist herself practice the alphabet through a ventriloquist speech. In the evening she works on her magnificent puppet. Suddenly, a character goes nar while shapeshifting into sports water carrier assistance desire to be a sports coach. The light change might go off. ’break’, ’relax’. It transforms its body through drag costume changes via the history of Japanese dance theatre placed in our time.


Anthony Huseyin
‘Potato Potato’ is a performance piece that Anthony Hüseyin, developed and realized this summer at the Grüntaler9 Project Space Festival in Berlin. The performance was inspired by Anthony Hüseyin’s experience working in a kitchen for the first time as a vegan cook in Berlin, after having been active for 10 years as a musician and performance artist, and teaching music at a university of the arts. ‘Potato Potato’ zooms in on all the questions, doubts, and endless seeking for external validation that every artist works through on a daily basis. “What is my value? On what does that depend? What factors increase my value? What is my status and position in this life? What is art? When and under which conditions am I an artist? When am I not…?”