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Fri 2 Oct '20 - Film

Pride of Color Film Screening: Movienight with Father Figure and Otherland

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We’d love to invite you to the Pride of Color Rotterdam first movie night!

In honour of the Rotterdam Kiki scene, who have strived the ballroom scene for years and a lil taste before the POC Kiki Function on 3 October 2020, we will screen the movies Father Figure and Otherland with a cute Q&A afterwards!!

Father Figure ( directed by Bibi Fadlalla,2019)
What does it mean to be young, black and gay in today’s world?
Guilliano is the founding father of The Kiki House of Angels, a vogue dance community in Rotterdam. Most of its members are young black gay men who experience racism and marginalization in everyday life.

This filmic, poetic collage expresses their personal stories by combining verité scenes with vogue dance sequences, graphic interludes and intimate interviews.

Otherland ( directed by Jan Pieter Tuinstra and Keren Levi 2018)

The biographical story of vogue dancer Elvin Elejandro Martinez aka Elly Vineyard is told here by director Jan Pieter Tuinstra and choreographer Keren Levi by combining documentary elements with staged dance scenes.

Elly talks about his childhood on St. Maarten and the transformation he has undergone since then.The freedom he so longed for in the past seems finally within reach.
In addition to Martinez’s autobiographical story, there is the poignant, fictional cartoon of an evening during a Vogue Ball. All characters and dancers in the movie are part of the European vogue ballroom community.