Tue 7 Nov '17 - Concert

Polyphonic Cosmos #4 – Steve Hauschildt (US) Sebastiano Carghini (IT)

Sounds from Editions Mego and Kranky!

A Tuesday chill-out evening session in The Avantgardistic State (for we like to rest between our labours). Come and space away on slow, or no-beat soundscapes, drones and ambient, and deep mindprobing live visuals from various VJ’s. Polyphonic Cosmos takes us on a road trip to cosmic experimental electronic music.

Ambient / Soundscapes / Drones / IDM / Chillout

Steve Hauschildt is an American electronic musician and artist who lives in Cleveland, Ohio. He was a member of the seminal band Emeralds from 2006 to 2013. A veteran of the experimental music community, Steve’s compositions have used synthesizers, computers and digital processing to transform established musical norms and genres into something unique. To date, he has released three full-length albums on Kranky as well an anthology of his work on Editions Mego.

Sebastiano Carghini is an Italian modular synth master and performer who also utilises physical objects in his recordings. Expect an endearing mix of blurting, bubbling “old school” synth patterns.