Thu 21 Dec '17 - Theatre

(PLACEBO) Xmas Dinner: Raising Ants

A 9-course vegan cannibal dinner to set the mood for Christmas!!

After “Improvised Feminism” and “Futuristic Violence”, we come together once more this year in UBIK for a “Cannibal’s Xmas Dinner”. This time, round the table, we combine delicate food with visionary texts and energizing performance to taste and think cannibalism as a therapeutic medium against fear of the Other, contemplating  what, and how, we eat. We will be on a bacterial ground, where bodies flow into bodies and raise the crops, that will be served to you. We will be eating identities, stories and you! 

PLACEBO: prescriptions for the Zeitgeist! Read! Eat! Digest!

Places are limited up to 25 people, make sure to reserve a seat at our table!

Don’t worry, you won’t be served meat substitutes. When we use the word vegan we mean ‘good food’.

The Cannibal Xmas Dinner is a project grown from “Tropical Healing, Expanded Cannibalism” based on texts by Oswald de Andrade, Suely Rolnik, Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, among others. By Joachim Robbrecht, Jan Brokof, Theatergroep De Warme Winkel. More context and pics here:

Your hosts at the table:

A.achat Kitchen
Hannes Broecker
Jan Brokof
Dominik Bucher
Joachim Robbrecht
Claudia Schoetz