Wed 20 Sep '17 - Art / expo

Placebo #1 : Sci-Fi Feminism

With Margo van de Linde, Ellen Vartun, Rosalie Wammes, Céline Gillain

The Avantgardistic State presents new prescriptions for the zeitgeist. Placebo is a monthly recurring performance evening, curated from intellectual legacy of sci fi literature and using it as a transforming agent for performance and visual art.

Placebo #1 will investigate The Female Man by Joanna Russ, regarded as one of the most interesting feminist sci fi novels ever written. A book remarkable for its stylistic elements as well as for its humour and anger. Starting from the novel, WORM UBIK invites several artists. Come check out the expo opening, the performances and don’t forget to book a ticket for Margo van de Linde’s Improvised Feminism!

19:00 – 23:00 Expo: Message or Massage by Ellen Vartun (WORM S/ash Gallery)
20:00 – 20:15 Performance: Ellen Vartun (WORM S/ash Gallery)
20:15 – 21:15 Performance/Workshop: Improvised Feminism by Margo van de Linde (WORM UBIK) €6,-
20:30 – 20:55 Performance: Thank You Joanna Russ by Celine Guillain (The Performance Bar)
21:20 – 21:35 Performance: Rosalie Wammes (S/ash Gallery)
21:40- 22:40 Performance/Workshop: Improvised Feminism by Margo van de Linde (WORM UBIK) €6,-

Margo van de Linde (NL)
‘Improvised Feminism is based on play impulses that are taken from comedy, which are then used to address contemporary feminism. The question, “how many books do you have to read to call yourself a feminist?” is posed along the way. Expect a theatrical discussion using a bulging feminist library. Margo will give two workshops. One starts at 20:15 and the second at 21:40. Make sure that you buy a ticket for the right timeslot by clicking the respective link!

Ellen Vårtun (NO)
Body and gender-related issues continue to play a part in Vårtun’s work. Toying with ideas round massage and manicure, she appropriates the imagery from both activities for a feminist discourse. She believes that the freedom of women is not something to be taken for granted, especially not in times like these.

Rosalie Wammes (NL)
Rosalie Wammes is a young musician who will be an artist in residence at WORM in November. Inspired by the themes in the science fiction novel The Female Man, and fascinated by parallel worlds and the female gaze, performance artist Rosalie Wammes has created an audiovisual performance with video, live-performance and soundscape.

Performance: Céline Gillain (BE)
Thank you Joanna Russ is a 25 minutes anti academical lecture, an unorthodox book review about The Female Man. It questions the way heroines behave in fiction and in real life, how they can deal with fear, how they are able to continue the work of their feminist predecessors today.

Placebo is a series of prescriptions for the Zeitgeist. Placebo looks to counteract the hyper-realism of contemporary literature (with its attendant triggers: “this is so realistic / I totally recognise myself in this”). Placebo discusses new ideas, new energies and new ways of living together, using sci fi literature as a start-point. Often underappreciated as “retro”, the genre throws up many interesting philosophical-political-social ideas and critiques.

So that’s the challenge: how to look at the world through fiction using new ideas. Placebos can also be obtained at the Placebar, offering drinks and liquid ideas, abstract remedies for trouble and glory.

Placebo #1 – Feminism
Placebo #2 – Violence
Placebo #3 – Cannibalism: as a redemptive agent